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Direct Debit Cancellation Form

  • All enrolments are perpetual (ongoing) and the direct debit payments will continue until a cancellation form is submitted by the responsible person.
  • Four (4) weeks notice is required to cease enrolment and the direct debit agreement.A Lesson Cancellation Form must be completed and submitted to the Swim School in full.
  • Credits or Refunds will not be granted for missed lessons prior to submitting this form.
  • Cancellations will not be processed until any outstanding amounts owing are paid in full.
  • Withdrawal due to medical reasons will be actioned as soon as a completed Lesson Cancellation Form, along with a copy of a medical certificate, is submitted to the Swim School Office.
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Reason for Cancellation
Terms and Conditions

View Terms and Conditions of the Direct Debit Agreement

I understand that 4 weeks notice is required to close my Swim School account and cancel my Direct Debit Agreement as per Competitive Squads Terms and Conditions

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