UPDATE Monday 26 April: CAPITAL WORKS. The Aquatic Centre Training Pool and Leisure Pools will be closed to December 2021. There will be no General Recreational swimming, Lap Swimming and Learn to Swim during these works.
COVID RESTRICTION EXTENSION: Wednesday 28 July 2021. Following today’s NSW Government stay-at-home orders announcement, our venue will close temporarily until Saturday 28 August 2021.
Aquatic Centre - Swim School - Enrolment - Photography by Paul K Robbins


Term 1: Monday 29 January - Sunday 15 April 2018
New Enrolment Requests for Term 1 is currently closed.

Key Enrolment Dates

Term 1: Monday 4 January 2021 – Friday 22 January 2021
Term 2: Monday 5 April 2021  – Friday 16 April 2021
Term 3: Monday 28 June 2021 - Friday 9 July 2021
Term 4: Monday 20 September 2021 - Friday 1 October 2021

Class Schedule

Weekdays: 9am-12pm and 3.45pm-6.15pm
Weekends: 7.15am-1pm

School Age and Teens
Weekdays: 3.45pm–6.15pm
Weekends: 7.15am-1pm

Please note that the assessment is done in 1.2m pool with the assessor out of the water. The child must be school aged and be enrolled at school. The child should be able to swim 10m freestyle with bilateral breathing and some backstroke. Complete enrolment form before coming to your assessment

Monday: 6.15pm, 7pm
Tuesday: 7.15am, 8am, 6.15pm, 7pm
Wednesday: 6.15pm, 7pm
Thursday: 8am, 8.45am, 6.15pm 7pm
Friday: 7.15am, 8am
Saturday: 7am, 7.15am, 7.45am
Sunday: 7.15am 7.30am, 11.30am, 12.15pm