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Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre - Health Club - Class Description - Photography by Paul K Robbins

Class Description

Strength Conditioning

BodyPump™ - BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens and tones your entire body. This choreographed class features 8-10 tracks, using a combination of barbell, free weight and bodyweight exercises that will challenge all your major muscle groups

Core - Abdominals, Pelvic Floor, Lower Back and Breathing are the elements of the CORE. Develop strength in all areas to function well as a whole.

HIT Strength - High intensity training primarily focused on strength. A full body workout involving bodyweight and free weight exercises in a high intensity format.

Aerobic Conditioning

HIIT - High intensity interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Be prepared to sweat.

Circuitblast - A high intensity aerobic circuit with minimal rest to burn maximum calories in a restricted time.

Tabata - High intensity interval training – 30 minute class. Smash out as many reps as you can in 20 seconds. Four minutes per exercise, but it will feel like a long 4 minutes!

STRONG by Zumba® - Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG by Zumba® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to music specifically designed to match every single move.

Combination Strength/Aerobic Conditioning

Circuit - A high intensity strength and aerobic circuit with minimal rest to burn maximum calories and get a full body workout.

HIT Combo - High intensity training: a combination of aerobic and strength conditioning using body weight and free weights.

BoxFit - Moderate Intensity - A combination of fitness and boxing drills focussing on technique. Great for strength and coordination. Partner work. Equipment provided or bring your own.


Zumba® - A choreographed class with an optional mix of low and high intensity moves for a calorie-burning dance fitness party, incorporating cardio work, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and boosted energy - exercise in disguise!

Mind / Body

Yoga 90 - Suited to the intermediate to advanced participant with a good understanding of yoga principles and postures. The class will be encouraged to strive for great things. The possibilities are endless. Beginners or those carrying restrictive injuries are highly recommended to attend the Fundamentals class.

Yoga Fundamentals - Introducing the fundamentals of Yoga for the beginner to intermediate student. The class will be guided and assisted through the basic postures.

Yoga Essentials - The class is guided and motivated to move along the Yoga postures with proper alignment, proper breathing techniques and with mindfulness. The class moves at a fairly quick pace due to it being a shorter class.

Pilates - Strengthen the torso using low-impact body-weight exercises, balance and stretching

Active Core - tone and shape your mid-section through various exercises inspired by Pilates. Enhance core strength and flexibility, support and strengthen back muscles and improve posture.

Low Impact

Staying Active - Land based class focussing on strength and mobility specifically designed with lower impact.

Shal-low - Aqua class focussing on strength and mobility specifically designed with lower impact.


Shallow - Shallow Aqua uses the resistance of the water & the impact of the pool floor to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength & balance. Equipment such as dumbells, paddles or noodles may be used.

Deep - NON Impact class using the waters’ resistance to improve cardio vascular fitness and strength. Great exercise if you are recovering from injuries. Equipment such as dumbells, paddles or noodles may be used. Buoyancy belts are used to assist flotation. Ability to swim is not essential and water confidence can be improved over time.

Fit/Power - Strong paced cardio and strength class for those wanting to work hard in the water

Deep Tabata - Moderate to high intensity interval training interspersed with low intensity exercise or rest. Designed to be a cardiovascular workout. Move fast and move strong. With or without a belt.