UPDATE Monday 26 April: CAPITAL WORKS. The Aquatic Centre Training Pool and Leisure Pools will be closed to December 2021. There will be no General Recreational swimming, Lap Swimming and Learn to Swim during these works.
Water Quality Testing at Aquatic Centre

Water Quality

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre has over 10 million litres of water in four separate spaces

With this much water you know we take quality seriously, this is how:

  • An industry leader in pool water quality management and practices;   
  • Rigorous testing including the regular conformance testing by Parramatta City Council and NSW Health, regularly looking for new opportunities to lead the industry;    
  • Incorporating independent testing by NATA certified laboratories to ensure our water quality is maintained to the highest industry standards;        
  • Engaging specialist companies to oversee our highly skilled team ensuring our equipment, testing and water management systems are maintained at the highest levels;
  • We employ a dedicated water quality manager whose sole responsibility is to oversee the pro-active and reactive management of water health;
  • Our local council, state health department and independent microbiological results show our pools continue to meet these high standards;
  • Promote healthy swimming habits to all our users.

Have a question or need to know something more about public swimming pool water quality?

Go to www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/factsheets/Pages/swimming-pool-chemistry.aspx