Aquatic Centre - Female Lap Swimming - Photography by Ashley Mackevicius

Conditions of Entry

  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre entire facility (including outdoor areas) is a non-smoking venue.
  • Please observe pool rules at all times, including showering before entering the pools and spas.
  • Any patrons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted into the Centre.
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is a licensed venue.
  • Anyone attempting to gain entry without paying or without authorisation will be prosecuted.
  • Patrons are not permitted to bring glass objects, or alcohol into the Centre. Patron's bags may be searched.
  • Abusive, disruptive or offensive behaviour and language are not permitted. Offenders will be removed from the Centre.
  • Children under the age of 10 years, must be closely supervised (within arms reach) by an adult (16 years and over). Children 3 years and under free, with a paying swimming adult.
  • Articles of clothing such as street wear, underwear, cut-off jeans, t-shirts, bike-pants, leotards, casual wear and sporting wear are strictly prohibited.
  • Only recognised swimwear, made from lycra and nylon is to be worn in the water, steam room and sauna area. Only recognised waterproof nappies are to be worn in the water for infants.
  • Standing and storage of belongings on seats is not permitted.
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre caters for all food and beverage requirements. Commercial fast foods are not permitted.
  • No pets or animals permitted in the Centre, with the exception of Assistance Animals.
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Staff only permitted to conduct tours of the Centre.
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Staff only are permitted to conduct learn to swim, private swimming lessons and squad coaching sessions.
  • Cameras and mobile phone cameras are not permitted in changerooms.
  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings. Patrons are advised not to bring phones, cameras or wallets to the Centre. Lockers are made available throughout the venue on level one.

Conditions of entry are subject to change without notice. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. Refusal to comply with these conditions of entry may result in the removal of the offender from the Centre.